About Us

The Mission

We are committed to providing affordable and comfortable medical uniforms and accessories that make you look and feel good. We value all people and aim to support the communities the best way we can. 


Who is Lavie Scrubs?

Lavie Scrubs Community Events

Lavie Scrubs was founded in April 2019 and is own and operated by Ruchama. Ruchama is currently a nurse practitioner with 8 years experience in the medical field.

When Ruchama graduated with her master's degree in 2018, it was very difficult for her to obtain a job in a very saturated market as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Although devastated, Ruchama decided to create a company that provides to the community and to her fellow nurses. 

Lavie Scrubs was launched in February 2020 and has since been involved in many community events. We are filled with joy whenever we can bring "life" to an event whether it is by educating the community or by providing excellent products. 

La vie means "Life" in Ruchama's native language. Whenever anyone encounters a medical professional with scrubs, there is a symbolism of life represented. To all my medical professional remember "you come to life when you come to scrubs."